Mike and Mary Jane, formerly Mary Jane Erwin, have been married now for over 22 years. They have lived in Tennessee, Kansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Chicago Ill, and now share residence between Wichita, Kansas and Oolagah, Oklahoma.

Mike, originally from Johnson City, Tennessee, got saved in his later teen years. While growing up in Tennessee he was involved in gangs, drugs, poverty, homelessness, the occult, and abuse. Part of Mike's story has been heard on National Radio, The Jack Elery Show, as well as National Television, Night Line. Mike also appears in the Carman Video from Carman's television series. The show called, "Times Two, Gangs The Mean Streets," was so successful that it is used to reach out to gangs all over the world. Mike has also been quoted in Time Magazine as well as numerous other television, radio and print media. Mike worked in Christian Music for 10 years primarily with the Rob Cassels Band, (AKA, Rob Castles), before deciding to be more involved with ministries, including speaking, working with the poor, the mentally ill and homeless. While working in music Mike worked in non -Christian venues and with top artists such as Steppenwolf, Marshall Tucker Band, Kansas, The Outlaws, The Tragically Hipp, Jackyl, Steve Morse, and others far too numerous to mention. In 1988 NCM Services directed by Mike was named North America's top new agency by Performance Magazine and was also named one of the top ten agencies in North America by Poll Star Magazine. While with the Rob Castles Band, Mike promoted and worked with 3 of the top 10 shows in North America in clubs under 800 and with the top grossing show in North America for theaters 2,500. That same year, Bonnie Rait was #2 and Blue Oyster Cult was #3. Mike is a 1985 graduate of Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas and a 1985 Outstanding Christian Student as named by Extraordinary Christian Students of America.

Later in 1988 Mike became employed with Gateway House in Greenville,South Carolina. Gateway House is a clubhouse program using the Fountain House Model of Rehabilitation for the Mentally Ill. After spending several years there, Mike became Director of Sixth Avenue West in Hendersonville, North Carolina. In January of 1995 Mike moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he became the Executive Director of Crossroads Clubhouse. For over 14 years God used these clubhouse experiences to help prepare him for ministry. He has worked with numerous individuals who have been homeless, in gangs, on drugs and in absolute poverty. Mike has helped many of these people go back to work, to school and to live independently. He has gained international recognition with mental health professionals as well as those suffering from this disease for his contributions at helping improve the lives of the mentally ill not only in Oklahoma, but throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Mike has also been involved in workshops and seminars which deal with evangelism. Workshops on "Becoming a Contagious Christian" and "Becoming a Contagious Church." These evangelistic concepts were developed by Willow Creek Community Church, in the Chicago area. Mike is now the Senior Pastor of an inner city, multi cultural and multi racial church in Wichita, Kansas. The church, United at the Cross Community Church is in the Southeast area of Wichita.

Mary Jane, formerly of Erwin, Tennessee is a graduate of East Tennessee State University. She currently teaches school in a low income underprivileged area. She teaches special education. Mary Jane comes from a Christian family where she has been involved in church and ministry for most of her life. She has led Bible studies plus has performed and ministered in various churches and venues using folk music. She has a c.d./tape recording called, "Comin Round Again", which features Folk music, Christian Spirituals and Originals. The music on these 10 songs is reminiscent of the music played during the year of the original Woodstock. It was during Woodstock that Mary Jane worked at a Christian Coffee House in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire and had the opportunity to minister to many attending Woodstock. Mary Jane grew up in a strong Christian home where she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior at a young age. She grew up attending Ninth Street Baptist Church in Erwin, Tennessee.

Mike and Mary Jane are the proud parents of two children. Marathana is a student at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas where she plays soccer for the Lady Moundbuilders where she has served as team Captain during her Junior and Senior Season. Marathana is an apartment manager and Resident Assistant. She also serves as an Ambassador for Southwestern College. Marathana also plays flute. While in High School Marathana was a proud member of the Owasso Pride Marching Band, one of America's and Oklahoma's best bands. She was also a member of the National Honor's Society for 2 years, Student Council for 3 years, and was a member of Who's Who In American High Schools for 2 years. She also participated on the Owasso Ram's soccer and cross country teams. Marathana became a Christian at a young age after praying to receive Jesus as her Lord & Savior with her mother. Marathana has been a wonderful example to others around her in displaying love and acceptance. She is majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration on Film at Southwestern.

Nathan came to the Furches family when he was 2 days short of being a month old. Nathan, now 12, plays soccer and wrestles. Nathan is a prolific scorer for his soccer team. In wrestling, Nathan was 1998's Most Improved Novice Wrestler, 1999's Most Outstanding Novice Wrestler, 2000's Most Improved Open Wrestler, 2001 Most Outstanding Open Wrestler for the Owasso Wrestling Club. He went undefeated in his weight class and eventually won the Oklahoma State Novice Collegiate Wrestling Championship in 1999 and finished 2nd in the Oklahoma State Open tournament in 2000 and again in 2001. Nathan finished in the top 8 wrestlers in the United States in the U.S. Junior Open in 1999 and in the top 4 in the Cliff Keen Nationals in 2000. He came in 5th in the 2001 Tulsa Nationals and won the 2001 Grand Gator Grapple National Championship. 2001 5th at the United States Junior Open, 4th at the 2002 Tulsa Nationals, and he won the 2002 Oklahoma Open Championships. Nathan, who has wrestled for 6 years has an overall record of 252 wins and 54 losses in his combined weight class and age and the next heaviest weight class and 3 years older in the collegiate styles. While expecting to win the 2000 USA AAU National Championships Nathan was not allowed to wrestle due to coming down with ringworm. He and his dad decided that instead of going to the tournament that night, they would instead attend a Power Team presentation at Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa. Nathan won his greatest match ever and defeated Satan. That night, as a result of ringworm, Nathan attended a Power Team presentation and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior as his dad held his hand. A couple of months later his dad had the honor of baptizing him at Westport Mennonite Brethren Church in Collinsville Oklahoma.