"We appreciated very much your talk before the women's club last Wednesday night. Your talk was certainly from your heart and you inspired us to reach out to those who suffer with mental illness. Thank you for giving yourself to us."

Women's Club
Church of God - Tulsa

"Mike & Route 66 Band, Thank you so much for your special presentation at the Heritage Day Festival. It was indeed a great sound and presentation. Once again thanks."

Jack Knippa
Heritage Days Festival - Tulsa

"I wanted to thank you for your recent presentation for our Administrative group from Waste Systems, Public Works, and City of Tulsa. I truly believe that the personal contact with our employees helped make a positive difference in how some of them feel. I enjoyed meeting you and hope that your efforts are truly realized."

Cheryl Stice
Office Administrator - Tulsa Waste Systems

"On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of NAMI, I'd like to thank you for speaking at our 16th Annual Convention earlier this month in Nashville. Your workshop, "From Zero to Clubhouse in 12 Months: How to Start a Clubhouse the AMI way," proved to be a valuable part of our program."

"It was certainly gratifying to see more than 2000 grassroots NAMI members at the meeting. You can rest assured that the information you shared will be put to good use as each of those 2,000 activists goes home to begin work anew." 

Laurie M. Flynn
Executive Director National Alliance 
For The Mentally Ill, NAMI

"Mike, It was a true pleasure meeting you at Gateway House and speaking with you last month. What you do for the members of the clubhouse is a wonderful thing, I feel very lucky to have been a part of the energy and enthusiam even if for just a short time. Best of Luck in your endeavors."

Lori Libutti
Assistant Producer
M.E.D. Communications
Woodbridge, NJ

"Thank you so much for taking the time to show me your program and to let me interact and take bread with your participants. I am extremely impressed with your commitment to community vocational opportunities. Your program is extremely beneficial for persons with severe and persistent mental illness."

James Sanford
Unit Manager - North Carolina Department of Human Resources Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

"We appreciate your assistance tremendously in developing our cubhouse. We are receiving a great deal of community support in our efforts, and we feel confident our clubhouse has the potential of becomming a model program. You will be proud."

Kathleen A. Bayes
Fort Wayne AMI
Fort Wayne, IN

"It was very evident that you are making great strides at rehabilitating and making huge changes in the lives of those affected by mental illness. I commend you on your efforts and belief that rehabilitation is the key to getting people to the point where they are self sufficient and able to enter or reenter the work force. As you know, I am a big fan of programs that are able to empower those in need and that are good stewards of the funds given them, as I see you have done."

"I look forward to working with you in the future on these matters. Please do not hesitate to call if I can be of further assistance."

Steve Largent
Member of Congress - Tulsa

"Thank you so much for your presentation in Bartlesville. Several of the conference participants cited your workshop as their favorite in the evaluation. They felt that the presentation provided them with a lot of useful information. I hope you enjoyed the conference as well. Thank you again."

Kari Czypinski
OAMI - Oklahoma City

"Thank you very much for speaking at the United Way Key Club reception. It was our pleasure to meet you and learn about 'Anthony'. We appreciate what you are giving back to our community in Tulsa. We need you. Thanks again."

Nichole Bostian
The Williams Company - Tulsa

"one of the best we've ever had in our school and we look forward to having him back in the future."

Jim Jackson, Greenville, 
South Carolina High School Principal

"Mike Furches is trully one of our countries good guys. I would recommend him with no hesitation."

Jack Elery, 
National Talk Radio Host

"I shall pass through this world but once, any good thing, therefore, that I can do, any kindness that I can show to any Human being, Let me do it now - For I shall not pass this way again. Poet Unknown. If Mike Furches life came to a halt at this moment, he would have surpassed this saying many times over in the lives of so many people, regardless of their stature in life. I know this for certain as his kindness and good deeds have been a blessing to me for several years. I appreciate you much, Mike! " 

"I met Mike Furches several years ago when he moved to Oklahoma from North Carolina. At the first meeting, I recall thinking "this person cannot be for real". Why did I think that? How could one person have so much love, understanding and compassion for his fellow man, regardless of their stature in life? I soon found that was exactly what Mike Furches was all about. The words of kind wisdom, soft Christian love came across loud and clear. I can recommend Mike as a gifted speaker, writer or messenger for any occasion. In 
short, his move to Oklahoma was our gain and a great loss to the state of North Carolina."

"A famous piece of poetry begins with "I had rather see a sermon, than hear one any day, I had rather someone walk with me than merely show the way". ..The person who wrote this poetry must surely have known Mike Furches. After meeting Mike and watching his life, he is indeed a sermon one can see and a person who walks by the side of his fellow man with a spiritual love that is unsurpassed. I enjoy watching him succeed in any project he wishes to pursue." 

Jo Hill
National Mental Health Consumer Advocate
Oklahoma City, OK

"Before anyone can reach out to others, they must first reach out to Him. Before a ministry can become an instrument in the hands of God it must first know His hands. My experience with Mike as a father, a friend and a sincere disciple of Christ says Amen to both of those concepts. Mike's walk with God is one that can benefit us all."

Michael Clapier,
President & Owner of Championship Access
Wrestling Solutions

"Mike Furches would never last on "Survivor" because he would be so concerned about the well being of others, he would neglect to take care of his own needs and thus be booted off the island!"

"Integrity, honest, credible, reliable.....true words that describe a good friend in Mike Furches."

"Mike Furches has suffered great tragedies in his life but you won't find a more gentler, kinder, forgiving soul than he. He has been a great teacher for me and when I'm confused and don't know what to do, I try to think of what might Mike do, and I get greater clarity. Thanks Mike!"

"Do not let that "Aw shucks" demeanor fool you. You won't find a sharper wit and keener mind than what Mike has in his repertoire."

Jack Yatsko
Director Friendship House
Kapaa, Hawaii

"Mike speaks from the heart and relates his experiences with poise and humor." 

Kaye Rote
Executive Director Oklahoma Consumer Council
Oklahoma City, Ok

"Mike was 1985's Most Outstanding Christian Student. He could well become one of our top Christian leaders." 

National Christian Leader

"Mike Furches has this extraordinary talent and technique for putting one hand under the opposite underarm and lifting his elbow up-&-down real fast, until these amazing noises come out of there. You will find few ministries today that have the courage to confront both worldly and "religious" convention, to attempt this feat." 

"I love this guy. The things this blessed soul has seen, experienced and endured have worked a depth and sensitivity into him, such that I can't imagine anyone who would not be profoundly touched and moved by the Lord through Mike Furches. He is living, moving, breathing irrefutable proof that earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."

Burt Rosenberg

"I went on my first ICCD certification visit with Mike, for me he was the best choice for my certification visit. He wanted my impute and was very respectful. I learned a lot of information form Mike" .

Cathi M. Greer
Breaktrough Club
Wichita, KS

"During my professional association with Mike, he has demonstrated tremendous leadership characteristics with special gifts in communications and motivation. Perhaps his best characteristic, though, is his strong commitment to ethics and morality".

Steve Buck, ED 
NAMI Oklahoma