Travel and Rider Requests:

For various reasons there are various prices for different types of requests. For non-profits and church groups the following are just that, requests. Mike asks that these groups consider the minimum request or 1/2 of a love offering, whichever is greatest. Mike has also worked with various non-profit and church groups at attending functions at no cost to the organization. Mike makes these decisions after the request have been made and he has spent time in prayer about the specific request. The following prices are required for individuals and for-profit organizations.

Please note the following requests for each performance:

  • When traveling more than 50 miles from Tulsa or Wichita, travel reimbursement of .33 a mile. When traveling farther distances than either touring or is cost feasible, air-fare.
  • One or more of the following beverages, bottled water, diet-soda, or low in sugar fruit drinks. For every 4 hours at a location a meal, not to exceed 3 meals a day. When at church activities Mike is willing to eat at church member homes.
  • When at a location more than 50 miles from Tulsa or Wichita 1 nights lodging for each day at the event. At church events Mike is willing to stay in church member homes.
  • 1 table with a volunteer to operate the table for concessions of t-shirts, music, books, etc.. Mike never charges for items at church events but will make them available on a donation basis. The volunteer will be given some concession items for helping with the table.
  • When there is a fee for the sale of concessions the agent holding the event will be responsible for the fees.
  • Any insurance liability is the sole responsibility of the event organizer.

Booking Information:

Magic Shows: 

Mike and/or Marathana

Birthday Parties
30-45 minute show costs $100. Birthday parties also include a gift for the birthday child.

Platform Shows
45 minute - 1 Hour show costs $150. This show includes some smaller illusions.

Walk Around Magic
$75 for every hour segment. This includes close up and minor hand held illusions.

One hour show - $150. This show debunks Mentallism and fortune telling.

Stage Magic
$350 for a 2 hour show. This includes various illusions including stage productions.


$450 for a 3 hour presentation. This can be broken up to 1, 2 or 3 presentations. It should also be noted here that Mike will request spending a minimum of 1 hour with the event organizers in getting to know specific organizational needs. These presentations require pre event planning in order to get the most out of the event for the organization hosting the event.

Church Events
$150 per day or 1/2 of a love offering, which ever is greatest. This is again a recommendation and churches interested in using Mike for ministry should contact him to work out other arraignments if necessary.

Non-Profit Events
$150 a day. 


Mary Jane
$150 or 1/2 of love offering which ever is greatest. This is for a 1 1/2 hour concert.

$150 or 1/2 of a love offering which ever is greatest. This is for a 1 1/2 hour concert.

Mike & Mary Jane
$200 or 1/2 of a love offering which ever is greatest. This is for a 1 1/2 hour concert.