Mary Jane specializes in Folk Style music with strong Christian messages. Suited for churches and other venues where Christians are gathered.  Mary Jane plays guitar and has sung in various venues for most of her adult life.  Mary Jane's music has been enjoyed by thousands over the years.  She continues to perform and has recorded "Comin Around Again" a compilation of Spirituals, Folk Rock and Original Contemporary Christian Songs.

Mike's performances feature a number of original songs written and recorded with a definite Christian message. Mike's most recent band was Route 66, a definite rock format more suited for non Christian formats. Not all members of Route 66 are Christians and although Mike was the primary song writer, the band did perform some non Christian songs. The band performed a number of originals however, most of which have Christian influences. Mike has used both solo and Route 66 in Christian outreach and evangelism efforts.

Mike is also involved with a "Seekers Musician Small Group" at his church Westport.  This group is a 15-20 week program that involves individuals who are seeking truth in relation to their spiritual needs. Some of these may be having difficulty in living a life for Christ and others have not accepted Christ as their forgiver and leader.   This group involves 8-15 individuals who talk about religion, God, faith and general spiritual questions and then spend time together creating music and enjoying each others company.

Mike & Mary Jane use tracks and instruments to perform a blend of oldies, ministry, and Christian songs. Suitable for both Christian and Non Christian venues.

Mike is unique in that he has experience in music from both a Christian and non Christian perspective. For over 10 years he worked with some of the most popular Christian and non Christian acts across America.  Mike has been credited as being the first Christian to put Christian bands into non Christian venues successfully.  He did this while working with the band Rob Cassels (AKA Rob Castles).  Mike's involvement with music includes, promotion, management, marketing, light, sound, and musician.  Mike still plays with bands as well as with his Worship Band at Westport Mennonite Brethren Church.  Mike Plays Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica and sings.