When looking at booking Mike for a presentation there are several things to be aware of.  He feels that it is critical that he stay rooted in the life of his own church.  For this reason he prefers to not be away from his church for more than two weeks in any month.  While there may be exceptions to this they are rare.  Mike believes it is critical to not only receive the supervision and support from his church but it is also critical for him to contribute to the life of his church from involvement in ministry. He also feels that he has much more of a responsibility than just speaking at a particular location.  He wants to have the opportunity to spend time in the ministry of the church or the activity of the organization he is speaking at.  Unless you can find ways for him to relate to the individuals he is sharing with, the results and blessings will not be as effective for your group.

Mike has recommended times on his presentations,  while they are structured he feels it essential to be open to deal with specific needs that he may be aware of within the group from visiting with the organization or church. He finds it essential to follow structure until individual needs require specific attention.  One of the reasons Mike feels that the Holy Spirit has used his presentations is that he has always been open to the needs of the people he is sharing with.  This is one of the primary reasons that he insists on spending time ministering at, and with the church or group for the duration of his visit.

Mike, was the first person, in over 70 years of operation to be licensed into the Ministry while attending Ninth Street Baptist Church in Erwin, Tennessee.  God and His Holy Spirit have always blessed Mike with fruit when given the opportunity to speak.  Mike spends a great deal of time in prayer and fasting when preparing for any sermon or presentation, but especially when given the opportunity to share the Gospel with nonbelievers.

Mike was called into Evangelism Ministry shortly after getting saved in the 1970's.  Mike has a passion for seeing people come to the Lord.  His method of evangelism is unique in that while speaking for a church or organization Mike feels obligated to spend his time with that church helping them prepare for the ministry.  The ministry should continue after he leaves.  Mike has had the opportunity to share before thousands and is noted for his sincerity, dynamic style and loving spirit while he preaches.  Mike always makes the effort to spend time with people who make decisions for the Lord.   Evangelism, to Mike is about much more than just preaching.  It is about helping  make disciples and letting everyone know that God loved them enough to give up His Son to die on a cross then giving them the tools necessary to enable them to live strong Christian lives.

One of the unique ways God has used Mike is in opening up doors to speak in venues that are primarily non Christian.  Mike has done this over the years in schools, businesses and various other places that were not specific to Christianity.  While at Crossroads in Tulsa, Mike was one of the most requested speakers by Tulsa Area United Way Agency.  He has always been open and upfront about telling his story surrounding abuse, drugs, the occult, gangs and more.  He has presented at such National Organizations as, Citgo, Amoco, Avis, State Farm, The Williams Company, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and numerous other national company headquarters and staff meetings.  Mike has been able to share in these settings and motivate people to care and look at their lives in a different way.  Looking at their jobs differently in regards to giving them purpose and worth, as well as helping individual employees realize that they, with work, can accomplish many of their dreams if they focus in the right direction. When asked,  Mike has openly shared in these meetings that it was Jesus Christ who changed his life.  His style is not confrontive, it is instead, warm and challenging.  Mike uses these opportunities to get others to think about what he has said and uses the opportunity after the presentation to share more with individuals on a one on one basis.  Mike has had the opportunity to share with hundreds while presenting in these "Motivational" settings.

Mental Health
For over 14 years Mike has been one of the most respected authorities in the field of Mental Health.  He has served on the International Faculty for Clubhouse Programs.  He has provided education and assistance to programs all over the world in the training and education of the Clubhouse approach of Rehabilitation for the Mentally Ill. He has spoken at numerous conferences including the International Clubhouse Conferences, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Innovative Approaches to Psychiatric Rehabilitation, International Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitative Services, National Consumer Groups, and numerous others.

Mike has been instrumental in helping set up programs for the mentally ill in Mississippi, New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio, Hawaii, Oklahoma and other states. He has also assisted in states where services already existed like, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts and others.  Mike also helped train pioneers in research and services from countries such as Japan, Australia, Belgium and others.   Mike has been sought out internationally for his knowledge in this area.  Mental Illness is a disease that is all too real to Mike and his family and one that he has made the commitment to try and help with understanding for the duration of his life.

Mike is upfront and honest about the joy he receives from getting to do revivals.  Few things are as rewarding as helping a church or community began to seek after God and His ways.  Mike has a revival series that can be done in 3,4, or 5 day increments.  Mike is also open to booking longer periods of time for revival services when time is required.  For revival purposes Mike is not open to doing less than 3 days with the exception of a specialized target group, like youth, couples, etc...

Mike is open to sharing on this often times misunderstood topic.  Due to his extensive research and involvement in the occult when younger Mike presents a unique, honest and real approach to this serious topic.  While this is a serious topic it is also a topic that Mike is convinced that much misinformation exists.  Mike addresses the real dangers of the Occult and satan on the Church and Christianity.  This topic can cover from a 1 - 3 day time frame.  If using a 1 day format the church needs to schedule a minimum of 1 - 1 1/2 hour presentation.

Mike has been involved in music ministry for most of his Christian life.  He has worked with some of the top names in music in both the Christian and Non Christian market.  What is the history of Christian Music?  What about Contemporary Christian Music? or Christian Versus Non Christian Music.  This is an enlightening and enjoyable format.  While this topic is best suited for a teaching series it can be used in a sermon format.  Mike has a unique history in Christian music because  he has worked with many of the early pioneers of contemporary Christian music and legends in the secular market as well. Some of his comments on this topic will surely enlighten and possibly shock you.  One thing will be certain, that you  will look at music differently as a result of hearing someone who has actually worked in both markets.

Mike is moved every time he has the opportunity to share of what God has done for him.  He will never forget the life God delivered him from.  Abuse, gangs, drugs, loneliness, sorrow and more to a life of love, joy and hope.  This presentation is best when given between 45 minuets, minimum and 1 1/2 hours maximum.  The story is moving and one that God has always blessed.

Christianity Versus Other Religions
Many times believers are afraid of sharing their faith with persons from various faiths.  Using a tradition and style similar to Josh McDowell, Mike looks at the facts and basis of our Christian Faith.  When compared to other beliefs one would have to be foolish to walk away from this presentation not accepting the Christian principals of our faith as truth.  On this topic Mike is very conservative but draws those conservative beliefs from looking at historical and faith facts.

Abuse In The Church
This is one of those topics that Mike wishes churches and groups would schedule more. As a result of the abuse Mike received as a child he turned from Christian principals and teachings for much of his early life.  It wasn't until hearing David Wilkerson speaking about the "Real Jesus" that Mike understood the need to look at Christ as an example instead of the men and women in the church.  Many, if not most churches, have abuse among members of their congregations, both physical and sexual.  It is a sin that must be addressed in the church.  So many within the boundaries of the church suffer from sexual and physical abuse yet the sin goes unnoticed.  In this story Mike shares much of his own story.  It deals with topics which need to be addressed but may contain information that will be difficult for some within the church to hear.  Mike believes that the lack of addressing this topic is one of the sins of the Contemporary Church.

Every great revival and spiritual awakening throughout the history of Christianity has started with Prayer.  "Prayer as a Prelude to Revival" is a sermon that has taken hundreds if not thousands of hours of preparation and study.  There has been great response from this sermon when presented in the past.  Prayer is coming into the presence of, and communicating with God.  Charles Haddon Spurgeon said, "There is no greater honor for any man than to come into the presence of God in prayer."  This message should be a prerequisite for any church or individual considering revival.

Jesus & His Ministry To The Poor
When looking at the ministry of Jesus it is amazing at the involvement He had with the poor.  Jesus had a ministry that had a vital component of service to the poor and needy.  What is the call of the Church today?  Why are there so many tax dollars spent on social services?  What is our obligation as Christians to the poor and needy?  These and other questions are addressed in this topic that addresses the life and action of the church today.

Christian Versus Non Christian Music
This is a more direct response to the question of Christian Versus Non Christian Music as is addressed under the topic of "Music."  This message can be condensed into a sermon format lasting between 30 minute and 1 hour.  The sermon format actually challenges Christians to look at all areas of their lives, not just music.  This is not a message that is condemning secular music but more about the way we as Christians perceive and listen to music and other outside sources of information in our lives.

Others Upon Request
Mike is very much aware that churches may have individual needs to address in their churches.  He knows that it is possible that churches knowledgeable of his ministry may want a more specific area addressed.  It is also possible that churches he has shared at in the past may have additional needs in relation to the follow up of his or their ministry.  Feel free to contact him for specific needs and desires.