Reversal: a movie that is a father/son love story about 
wrestling, growing up, and letting go.



Wyndote Youth Wrestling Program 
This is a youth wrestling club in the Kansas City area. I really appreciate the web site for a couple of reasons, one they are working with inner city kids giving them opportunities not often made available and secondly because of the quality of the web site. It is the only youth wrestling web site that I know of that has video links to watch technique and moves. If you wrestle you will want to visit this site.

Oklahoma Wrestling
The first and still the best listing for all levels of wrestling in the state of Oklahoma including kids wrestling.

Kansas Wrestling
A great sight that has information regarding wrestling in the state of Kansas. A great topical forum for discussion as well. I frequently visit this web site and the Oklahoma web site forum and discussion pages.

Missouri Wrestling
Keep up with Wrestling in the Show Me State.

Oklahoma USA Wrestling
This sight is the newest site in Oklahoma for wrestling and specifically targets wrestling for USA Wrestling and the Freestyle / Greco Roman Teams.  There is also a forum on this page where the reader can find out what is going on in these styles of wrestling

Dan Gable
This site has some of the best information related to wrestling there is. An excellent web site.

Kendall Cross - I got to talk to Kendall after watching the movie Reversal together. He is a neat guy and a friend of mine Jimmi Petula the maker of the movie Reversal speaks highly of him. He is an Olympic Gold Medal Winner that I think highly of. Check out his web site.

Brandon Slay
Nathan and I had the opportunity to meet Brandon the year that Jack Roller included Nathan's testimony in the Programs for all of his tournaments. He is a believer and a really nice guy. He came running up to us as we were leaving the Tulsa Nationals telling us that he appreciated Nathan's story and that he hoped we would keep in touch. One of these days I hope to host a clinic or camp for underprivileged kids with an emphasis on not just wrestling but also on their relationship with Christ. If I ever get to do this Brandon is one of the guys I would love to have present.

Greater Gold
Another link associated with Brandon Slay but specifically related to his faith and the sharing of his faith

The Matrix Wrestling Club
This is a great site that has all kinds of wonderful material related to faith and wrestling. I would strongly encourage anyone with questions, especially wrestlers to check out this particular link. Kudoos to the Matrix Wrestling Club for putting this together.

Pro Wrestling & Faith
Don't get me wrong I know that pro wrestling is sports entertainment and not real wrestling. While some have come from the wrestling ranks to become a part of this sports entertainment business it is far from the reality that those of us involved with amateur wrestling know. There are Christians in this field though and some of them might surprise you. Check out this link to this interesting story regarding some of the popular wrestlers in pro wrestling and their faith.

Messiah College
Messiah College is one of the few Christian Colleges that offers wrestling.

Sting the Wrestler
What is this man really like? What is it that drives him? Again it may be sports entertainment but it is also a man who has promoted our sport. Discover truths about him that you didn't know existed.

Strong and Courageous Wrestling Club
Norm Osteen is the coach of this fine, fine wrestling club. I used to coach soccer at North Henderson High School and Norm had to drive the team bus until I received my CDL Drivers license. Norm coached this wrestling club as well as worked with the North Henderson and Apple Valley School Wrestling Programs. I remember them telling me I needed to get Nathan involved in wrestling and especially so after they found out I was moving to Oklahoma. If all truth be known he and this club are responsible for us making the decision to try wrestling and we are glad we did. Norm has produced as of 2003 26 National Champions and over 136 All Americans. Not bad for a coach in the little town of Hendersonville North Carolina. The whole basis of his club is that there be an emphasis on Jesus Christ.
I knew James Short, one of the first wrestlers if not the first wrestler with this club to win a national championship. I am glad to say that I was a part of the prayer process when James broke his neck playing football and it looked like he would never wrestle again. Through God's tremendous ability James ended up getting well, wrestled again to win the North Carolina State Championship and go on to win additional National Championships. It is a honor to know that this web site exists and that others can now learn of the success of this wonderful wrestling club.


Take it to the Next Level
This is a wonderful organization that has their priorities in the right place. Check out this site for information not just on training the body but regarding training the spirit and soul. This would be one of the first sites that I would recommend to athletes of all sports. I double dog triple dare you to click on here and not find something of value if you are an athlete.

Nikita Koloff
What ever happened to the The Russian Nightmare? Check out this link to read his story.

A sensible approach to cutting weight safely. I should note here that I do not condone cutting weight but believe that there are safe ways to get to your true and accurate weight. These web sites are among those that promotes a safe and sensible way to get to your realistic wrestling weight.

Section 9 Wrestling
Amateur Wrestler
Tim Hartung Training Routine
Vanderbilt University
The Mat
USA Wrestling Rule on Weight Cutting