Nathan Furches Wrestling Photographs -  The photographs on this page show Nathan Furches in various wrestling related photographs.  The photographs cover a number of years and show shots from practices as well as various local, state and national tournaments.

General Wrestling Photo's - Over the years we have been involved with wrestling.  These photo's are of tournaments, team mates, camps, and others.  Come in and enjoy these great photos.

2003/2004 Wrestling Photographs:  Most of these photographs are of Nathan and his Derby Kansas Team Mates.  This was a great year for the team as you can see from some of the photographs on the link.  I challenged the team that if they took 20 wrestlers to state, which would be a record, then I would let them shave my head.  Well some 26 wrestlers later I have a new hair cut (or lack thereof) style.  It was also a great year for Nathan who finished the Folk-Style / Collegiate Season Ranked #2 in the World for the Cliff Keen All-Star Team.  This was tough because he went into the Reno World Championships leading by 3 points.  We decided to have him wrestle up a weight class to see how tough it was, we also didnít want to cut those 5 pounds at the end of the season.  Well, he wrestled in the championships against a really tough kid from Illinois named Jonathan Morrison.  He wrestled him by far the toughest of any kid before loosing on a close takedown 3-1. Nathan then tore some ligaments in his hand in the challenge match in the first period before loosing again 3-1 to a good friend and tough wrestler Zeke Hofer to finish the World Championships at third place.  Nathan lost the Cliff Keen All Star Award by 1 point to Jeremy Goree.  I frankly think that both boys should have won the award but that is not my decision.  I am grateful to the World of Wrestling, Jack Roller and all of the people associated with this classy organization.  They definitely put on the best tournaments in the country in conjunction with Cliff Keen Athletic.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures and if you have others to be listed for this season feel free to email them to me along with information and Iíll be glad to have them posted.