Nathan takes down an opponent at the 2003/04 Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic Nationals


Nathan goes against an opponent at the Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic where he ended up taking 2nd to Logan Steiber.  Nathan wrestled a great tournament here.  It is an honor here to have old friends and coaches from Owasso including Keith Kersey to Mike’s right, (Mike is the one with the pony tail). 


The following shows some of the kids including Nathan and one of America’s best Logan Steiber, watching in background, playing around at the Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic.


I love this photograph.  Nothing like getting ready at the Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic for the National Awards Podium.  Off course there is no slouch there getting ready as you can tell from another award on the back of his shirt that he has won in the past.


National Runner up at the Kick Off Classic in quite possibly the toughest tournament in the world.


The top 4 wrestlers at the Kick Off Classic.  Three of the members on this podium are on the All American All Star Team, including Nathan who took 2nd place at this tournament.