C.J. Menges gets ready to wrestle at a big time tournament, The Cliff Keen Kick Off Classic.

Just where you want to be in a big match.

“Now shake his hand before I raise yours.”

Mike having a little heart to heart with his son Robbie  before a match.

There is always a little time for celebration after a big tournament with the Derby Parents, Coaches and Kids

Another day to wrestle as dad gives some advice to C.J.

“Another one bites the dust.”

Darren Stroot (on top) from the Brawlers engages in battle.  Darren is one of our top competitors in state.

Steve and Mike watch warm up’s.

Hack and Jeff get ready to take R.J. into battle at the U.S.J.O.C. Novice Championships.

Nathan takes a break at the USJOC Open Championships to watch some of his friends compete.

R.J. seeks some advice from his coach and dad.

“Now I’m ready to show him something about the Derby Green!”

“Now that I have fought a hard fought battle I am ready to receive my rewards.”