Time to arrive at the Reno Livestock Arena and get ready for some wrestling.  Ages range from an Under 6 Division all the way through Under 18.  Some of the best of the best were on hand.  It was by far the toughest and best tournament we have personally ever attended.


18 full sized mats from wall to wall.  Running over 3 days and upwards of 18 hours a day of hard core wrestling.


The Team of Hard Knox takes up for all of Kansas and is willing to help warm Nathan up.





Explosions and fireworks for the opening ceremony.



A View from the outside of the Livestock Arena of Reno.




Nathan and Jeremy Goree hanging out before the start of wrestling.  Jeremy will end up the Cliff Keen All Star wrestler of the year for 15 and under 75 pounds.  Nathan wrestled up at 82 pounds and Jeremy wrestled 75.  He will beat Nathan by 1 point but he is a great kid who we appreciate and think the world of.


The competitors wrestling for the World Championships in the Under 15 and Under 18 Divisions.


The Legend greats Nathan and Jonathan Morrison before their championship match at the Reno World Championships.



Danny Hodge the Legend of Wrestling getting ready to great the championship wrestlers.



The following are photos taken from last summers State Free-Style / Greco team Camp. 



 Even Nathan gets a chance to get thrown at camp.

It is funnier to watch someone get thrown.


Nathan and competitor Brian Reisenauer from North Dakota.  You do make friends with people you compete against.  It is one of the great things about the sport.


The following are photos taken from last summers State Free-Style / Greco team Camp.