The Keystone Kid
  - Chapters 1-5 are available for free reviewThe Keystone Kid is a 700+ page manuscript that tells the story of growing up in the streets and of the difficulties that come with it. Anthony's background includes, drugs, gangs, abuse and much more.  He eventually finds and experiences true love.  This almost unbelievable story is true and has been told to 10's of thousands across the United States and Canada.  Companies like The william's Companies, The William's Communications Group, Citgo, State Farm, Amoco, and many more companies and churches have heard and been moved by this incredible story.  Now you can read the story and experience the uplifting and joyous message of The Keystone Kid.  This book is a must for individuals experiencing abuse and difficulty.  The remaining chapters 6-31 are available by contacting Mike Furches.

The first five chapters are also available for download as an MS Word document
(winzip or other compression program is required).